Why bother reading this blog when there are so many already?  I honestly don’t know how to answer that.  All I know is that I want to do this blog to share enjoyment and beauty I see every day by just being.  I will emphasize ways of “being”, i.e. being kind, being adventurous, being creative, etc.  If we are alive and breathing, then we are “being” and we do this 365 days a year so, therefore, we are 365Beings!

Through the blog, I want to entertain and encourage you. I will share my thoughts, observations, and suggestions as well as introduce you to a group of very talented friends in my life.

My blog “to do” list includes organizing art card exchanges, encouraging letter writing and card sending, suggesting adventures for you and most of all, my highest hopes, is to make you smile!

The Walled City of York

Hello Friends and Happy Saturday!

Feed the Birds

Hello, Friends!

Soup on Sundays

I love to make soup on Sundays.  Today I am making Sweet Potato Soup with Tai Green Curry.  Romaine and I had this soup when we were at Charleston, which is in Lewes, East Sussex, England.  It was two weeks ago today that we visited there.  I was so delighted to find that we could just leisurely stroll through the home at our own pace—no formal tours—and that there were guides throughout the house to answer questions.  It was the perfect visit. Beautiful weather made walking in the garden so pleasant and being able to finally see this special home was totally

Back to London

Hello! Hello!

I am back in London and I have internet--YAY!!!!! But alas, I still can't upload photos.  I have decided to not blog until I am at home sitting at my dining room table with FAST internet so that I can add photos to my narrative.  Thank you for your patience with this.  I wanted to write each and every day, but the internet is so spotty over here I couldn't.  I do have lots of stories I'd love to share with you and I hope you will check back in a couple of days..

Motorways in England

Greetings from ....where am I? I can't remember.  I am also having trouble remembering what day it is.  Oh well, I guess that is a good thing when you are on vacation.  Romaine is tour guide so she gets me where I need to be on whatever day I need to be there.  Actually we are at another B&B outside of Salisbury.  We arrived here yesterday after traveling all day from the Lake District near Windermere.  It was quite an experience to be on the road all day on the opposite side of the road dealing with speeding traffic.  It made me nervous and I was only the passenger!!!

Beatrix Potter Pilgrimage

Hello from Near Sawrey!

Off to York

Hello from York!

We left London this morning leaving from King's Crossing.  We didn't want to go to Hogwarts (9 3/4), so we decided to take the train to York. Along the way I got to see many green wheat fields.  I love green wheat fields before they change color.

Magical Mystery Tour

Our Magical Mystery Tour of Stonehenge started at 4 in the afternoon when we headed to another hotel for pickup by the tour company.  My first taxi ride in those fun black London taxis took all of 5 minutes to get to our the pick-up site. Our bus arrived (I still can’t get used to the cars being on the opposite side of the street and was nearly taken out by a utility van as I stepped  off the curb to walk towards the bus.  Most of the people on our tour were Americans and it was fun to hear where everybody was from.

Arriving at Paddington Station

What a fabulously fun crazy busy day!  We left Minneapolis at 10 p.m. and had a smooth flight to London.  We arrived here a bit fatigued from the flight and lack of sleep, but managed to get through immigration just fine.  As I was standing in line listening to all of the languages of the people waiting to enter the country I thought to myself that we are all different in so many ways but what do we have in common?  We are all HUMAN!!!!  Hmm….why does this message seem so familiar to me???? Sounds like a great subject for a children’s book…snicker.


England Bound

Well tomorrow I will be flying to England with my cousin Romaine for a 13 day journey in Merry Old England.  Our trip will begin in London where for three days we will be staying at the Hilton London Hotel Paddington and exploring the city.  During this 3 day stay we will be shuttled out to Stonehendge to welcome in the summer solstice properly--dancing in our barefeet and watching the sun set.  So excited for this.  Actually so excited for the whole adventure.  This all started because I read "A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside" by Susan Branch.

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